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Make Things Easier for Your Future Self

In a recent episode of the Happier podcast, the hosts reminded listeners about this simple concept …

Make things easier for your future self.

I liked the idea and have come back to it a few times in the last week or so as I ask myself (multiple times a day it seems) what I can do now in these few minutes to make things easier in the future …

For me, this has meant taking a couple of minutes to prep breakfast the night before or checking a kids organizer when they get home instead of the next morning (and all of a sudden discovering I need to somehow round up a 2 L bottle for a DIY rain gauge), as well as setting alarms for the day’s appointments BEFORE the work day actually begins!

The possibilities are endless when you really start paying attention …

Take some time today to make things easier for your future self.

A quick tidy is in order perhaps? Or maybe you need to take out the meat you’ll need the next day the night before. Steam two shirts instead of just one. Double a recipe and freeze half. Fill up your car with gas “early.” Send the etransfer BEFORE your appointment if you know the total. Drop off payment early (but post-date the cheque). Resist that unnecessary purchase. Save a few pennies.

You do you … but KNOW that there ARE things you can do today to make things easier for your future self.

Go ahead and give it some thought! Your future self will thank you!

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