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Enough is ENOUGH

Recently, I took a minute to jot down my current “Enough List.” Categories included: Easter, being a good mom, being a good teacher, writing/reflecting, my interview project, and the like. For each category, I jotted down what was “enough” (in this time and place). 

After all, “Enough is a decision, not an amount” (Alison Faulkner). 

A self-proclaimed goal-setting “junkie,” I often struggle with “settling.” I become wary of not doing enough, of being perceived as “lazy” or unambitious … I ALWAYS believe there’s MORE I could be doing … more I could be creating … more I could be pursuing … and there is … and there will be … “MORE” is inevitable … we live in a world where “MORE” is everywhere you turn … more ideas, more stuff, more sharing, more books, more shows, more … more … more …

It can get a little ridiculous actually, which is why I am touting the importance of sitting down today to create your own “enough list” …

Determine the categories that are important to you right now (maybe 4 or 5), and jot down your “minimum requirements,” essentially determining what’s “enough” right now. 

Remember, “Enough is a decision, not an amount” (Alison Faulkner). 

For my “being a good mom” category, I jotted down … read together (there’s ALWAYS time for this), have fun together, help with schoolwork, give lots of hugs, listen, cultivate one-to-one time, ALWAYS eat snacks and meals together …

My “food / exercise” category? Go for a 15-minute walk every day, complete my mini strength workout five times a week, do a 5-minute stretch four mornings a week, drink 2-3 litres of water per day, treats are for weekends and special occasions ONLY. 

Is there more I could be doing in these categories? Undoubtedly! There will ALWAYS be MORE. 

Will our lists change? It’s quite likely … we should definitely reassess our “enough list” every so often … our circumstances are constantly changing … the “season” we’re in begins to shift … in some situations we can do more … in other times, we can ONLY do the basics … respect the season you’re in … and use your “enough list” to help you hone in on what really matters in this time and in this place in your life. Maybe your “enough list” will even help you say, “Yes!” to new “opportunities” or “No!” to new (and perhaps unnecessary) “obligations.” 

Ready to get started on your own “Enough List”?

Ready to determine what’s important to you right now?

Here’s a worksheet to get you going … as you jot down your ideas, know (and understand) there will ALWAYS be MORE we COULD be doing, but sometimes enough is ENOUGH.

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