April’s 21-Day Walking Challenge

Is it time to get moving again after a long winter being cooped up inside? Is it time for some fresh air? Is it time to get out and notice the signs of spring all around you? Grab a friend, and let’s get out for a walk every day! Or go on your own and get some much-needed “space” from your kids (or your husband)! Or load up those kids in the stroller, and get the whole family out for a walk every day!

Need some extra motivation? Please consider signing up for April’s 21-Day Walking Challenge (sign up link below)! When you do, you’re committing to a 15-minute walk per day for 21 days. As you benefit from a little daily exercise, others benefit too, as I am also asking you to make a pledge towards a charity of your choosing when you participate!

The Challenge starts Thursday, April 1st and ends Wednesday, April 21st! Hopefully, after 21 days of walking, you’ll keep right on going for the rest of April and into the warmer months ahead! Before you know it, you’ll have a really great habit established …

Walk for you … walk for a charity or organization you love!

Click here to sign up: April’s 21-Day Walking Challenge Sign Up Form

I can’t wait to get started!

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