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Account Tracker: Worksheet

After feeling frustrated on countless occasions because I didn’t know (or couldn’t find) account or login information for something, I finally decided to put it all in one place with this simple spreadsheet.

From library account information to SaskPower and bank account numbers, I needed a system to have EVERYTHING easily accessible all in one place.

If you prefer a paper copy of this spreadsheet to keep somewhere safe in your house, you can download and print the spreadsheet here (print as many copies as you need):

If you’re comfortable with (or prefer) an online or editable spreadsheet version of this document, here’s the link to the spreadsheet. Just make or download a copy for yourself and edit away!

I hope this simple worksheet helps you to avoid those feelings of panic next time you’re on the phone and someone is asking you for an account number and you’re left frantically shuffling through your wallet or a pile of random papers to find the information you need.

Or perhaps it will help with those feelings of discouragement next time your kid’s iPad asks for their Apple ID or when you’ve suddenly been logged out of your amazon account.

This spreadsheet is definitely an efficient and handy solution to these and so many other problems … it’s another great way to “automate,” getting important information out of our heads, providing essential relief from having to try to remember “one more thing,” (hopefully) allowing us to focus on more important things instead … like the people in our midst!

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