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Finance To Do’s: Worksheet

It’s taken me far too long to figure this out and (finally) get a system in place for ongoing finance “to do’s.” A few missed payments (resulting in interest charges) or extra stress or drama on the final day something is due is totally avoidable IF you have a plan … there’s lots to remember sometimes (too much really), so a worksheet like this can be super helpful …

The development of this spreadsheet was definitely a result of my attempts to “automate” in late 2020 (see “Automating“) …

If you’re ready to get a handle on some of your finance to do’s, here’s a Finance To Do’s: Worksheet for you (click the link, then make a copy or download the file to edit … if something seems wonky, just let me know). The first sheet is an EXAMPLE (like the one above), and the second sheet (found at the bottom) is BLANK. I’ve also included a more printer-friendly version (the third sheet) in case you prefer to download and print the document or you can download here:

*I personally prefer to work in Google Sheets. With a free Gmail account you can have and use Google Sheets on any device … this means changes or tweaks can be made from my phone, my laptop, or my desktop computer (and they’re updated everywhere).

Once you have your copy ready to edit or downloaded, go ahead and start listing bills and payments by either mid-month or end-of-the-month. Each time a payment or task is completed, I just highlight it in green. If it’s not highlighted, it’s still a “to do.”

I try to review this spreadsheet every Sunday morning and because I have (finally) established a good habit of doing so, I often enter other “time-sensitive” reminders here as well (like booking camping or purchasing birthday gifts to ensure they arrive on time).

This simple worksheet has been a real game-changer for me. I truly hope it serves you just the same!

All the best on getting a handle on your own finance to do’s!

Need a hand?

I’d be happy to help! I am a certified Life Coach after all (and a teacher), so I’d be just giddy with excitement to get you all set up! Get in touch with me today!

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