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Me First: Worksheet

You’re probably aware of some of those classic clichés that tout the importance of caring for ourselves FIRST, but in case you need a refresher:

NO ONE can pour from an empty cup …

and …

you have to put on YOUR OWN oxygen-mask BEFORE helping those around you …

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While there is MUCH truth in these old (and overused) sayings, it’s really important for you to figure out WHY “Me First” is important to YOU … I share why “Me First” is important to me here. Basically, taking care of myself FIRST means that I can show up for the people around me the way I want to … in a way that I am proud of …

Of course, I’m not perfect, but having a strong self-care routine is pretty darn important! It contributes MASSIVELY to how I am able to show up as a wife, as a mother, and as an online teacher …

Here are the Me First Worksheets in PDF Format (just download, print, and complete) …

Take some time today to decide your “why” for “me first” (top of page 1). Then celebrate what you already do to take care of yourself (page 1). Finally, make a list of things you’d like to start doing (page 2).

Then, just pick one or two to add to your practice. If you’re really serious, it’s probably a good idea to create a SMART Goal. Be sure reach out to me too to join a challenge (I’ve usually got something on the go) or consider one-to-one life coaching (check out Our Life Well Lived: Life Coaching – What’s it All About? to find links to the agreement form and the intake questionnaire).

It’s time to craft your version of “me first.”

If you need further proof of why this is all so important, be sure to give “Goodbye Hot Mess Mama” a read too!

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