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21 in 2021

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Though we’re 38 days into 2021 already, I just have to share Gretchen Rubin’s 21 in 2021 concept with you all. The variations are endless, which means this concept can work for ANYONE and EVERYONE! 

What is 21 in 2021? Well, it’s basically about getting INTENTIONAL using the number 21 in any way that inspires us to TAKE ACTION in our lives! The most popular 21 in 2021 activity just might be sitting down and penning out “a list of 21 concrete things we want to accomplish by the end of 2021” (Gretchen Rubin). 

I actually sat down in late December and penciled out my 21 of 2021. When I searched for this list yesterday, I noticed a few blank spots yet and added a few new ideas. While I won’t share EVERYTHING on my list, here’s a few things I’m hoping to accomplish in 2021: coaching others with their goals (for a donation of their choosing to a charity of their choosing), eating ONLY while sitting down for a period of time, arranging a (professional) family photo shoot, camping somewhere new, hosting another book club, doing yoga for a month (I got started with this practice at the beginning of January), writing 35 blog posts, recording 35 podcasts, and the like. I’m also hopeful about getting together with family more later in the year and I have a few “adventures” on my list as well … 

Need some ideas to get going on your own version of 21 in 2021? Beyond making your own list of 21 things you’d like to accomplish in 2021, consider some of these possibilities going forward (it’s NEVER too late to get started) …

  • read 21 books in 2021
  • read, walk, write, or (your choice) for 21 minutes a day
  • stretch for 21 minutes a day (split it into two sessions if you have to)
  • find 21 “quotes to live by” … share your findings with others
  • get rid of 21 items from your … kitchen, office, storage room, etc.
  • 21 days of phone (or zoom) calls with family or friends each month
  • 21 days of stretching
  • do something special on the 21st of each month (date night with your spouse or a friend, perhaps)
  • 21 days of prayer
  • keep a gratitude journal for 21 days
  • 21 glasses of water each week (it’s a start)
  • 21 days WITHOUT something … alcohol, sugar, social media, salt, the snooze bar, etc.
  • 21 days of reading aloud to someone else (over the phone or ZOOM maybe?)
  • write 21 letters in 2021
  • make your bed for 21 days
  • send 21 birthday cards in 2021
  • complete 21 creative projects in 2021
  • try no spending for 21 days
  • donate $21 a month to a local charity
  • try 21 NEW recipes in 2021
  • 21 days of meal planning
  • no takeout for 21 days
  • listen to 21 “new to you” albums this year
  • 21 days of learning something new
  • try ONLY 21 minutes of social media per day

I hope this list serves you in some way! Which 21 list will you attempt TODAY? 

I love getting intentional … and I love setting little goals for myself … I also love hearing what others are working towards (and helping them along the way if they need a little extra accountability … see “I’m Ready for My Next Coaching Client” for how I can help). 

In February, I’m hosting a couple of challenges. I don’t think it’s ever “too late” to start SOMETHING … find full details here. If you don’t need the extra accountability, NO PROBLEM! I’d STILL love to have you … I’d STILL love to hear what you’re working on … there’s power in sharing what we’re working towards with others! It’s a beautiful opportunity for CONNECTION and GROWTH, not to mention the things we learn from one another along the way! 

It’s a COLD ONE today … what a perfect opportunity to sit down and get crafting your 21 of 2021 lists! 

Have fun!

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