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Today, I want you to take a minute to think about promises or commitments you’ve made to others … promises you’ve made and kept to your spouse … your kids … your friends … your extended family … promises you’ve made and kept to your employer … your colleagues … 

I bet the list is endless … I bet you can think of COUNTLESS instances when you said you were going to do something and you did it … sure, there may be the odd time when you weren’t able to show up on time or you were unable to fulfill your promise … but I bet you that 90% of the time, when you make a promise or a commitment to someone else, you follow through … 

Commend yourself for this! What an accomplishment! Amazing work!

Now, I want you to take a minute to think about the promises or commitments you make to YOURSELF … how long is THAT list? 

What are you committed to related to YOU and YOUR well-being? A massage once a month? Reading every day? Taking time for one of your hobbies on a regular basis? Catching up with a friend for a ski Friday afternoons? Listening to the music you love each morning? 

Do you fulfill THESE promises? 

Are YOU committed to YOU? 

Do you treat the things that are important to YOU with the same level of respect you give to the things OTHERS find important?

We’re quick to sacrifice … we’re quick to set our own needs and desires aside … we’re quick to nurture … to serve … to help … 

We’re quick to fulfill promises and commitments and promises we’ve made TO OTHERS… and we’re quick to GIVE UP the things that are important to us.

We need to STOP this though … because NO ONE will care for us in quite the way that we need … NO ONE will care quite as much as we do about the goals we have or the things we want to make time for … 

It’s time to follow through with your word … make a pact … a promise … a commitment … TO YOU!!!

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