Life Coaching

Life Coaching: It’s Time for Me to Get Loud!

In “My Dream for 2021” I (quietly) revealed my (secret) hope for how I can serve or “contribute” in 2021. 

It’s scary to publish or “post” our dreams for the world … it’s vulnerable … it’s chock full of limiting beliefs and “what if” thinking … it takes courage … 

And, that’s why it’s been a “quiet” reveal so far … 

But, it’s time for me to “get loud” … to shout from the rooftops what I really want for 2021 (after all, we’re already 23 days in) … it’s time for me to be bold … to be proud … to get going and take some action on this (crazy) dream of mine …

In 2021, I want to be a Life Coach … I want to help women grow … learn … be a better version of themselves … I want to give them permission … and the courage … to focus on what THEY want … I want to coach (at least) ONE woman a month … for a dollar amount of their choosing to a charity of their choosing … whatever you can afford is ENOUGH …

What will coaching entail?

  • a weekly meeting (likely via ZOOM or over the phone due to COVID)
  • help with goal-setting
  • resources and tools needed for success
  • built in accountability for the month (I’m just a text or email away)

Goal-setting is UNDOUBTEDLY one of my biggest LOVES (give this episode of the podcast a listen to get a true sense of this love of mine) and I absolutely LOVE all things growing and learning … I’ve definitely done a lot of it in my time and continue doing so EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life … 

So what do you think of this NEXT crazy dream of mine? Are you in? It would be an absolute GIFT to serve in this way. Please, please, please reach out to me ( so I can SERVE in this special, special way!

Help make my dream for 2021 come true! 

If you’re ready to get started, here’s the Life Coaching Agreement form and the Life Coaching Intake Questionnaire. Simply download, print, complete, and scan back to me! 

I can’t wait to get started on YOUR dream for 2021!

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