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7-Day Decluttering Challenge STARTS TODAY!

In an effort to prepare for two weeks with everyone at home and for the Christmas season, which tends to bring with it a lot more “stuff,” I am hosting a 7-Day Decluttering Challenge.

It’s time to tackle one room or one category each day for the next seven days …

Possibilities? The laundry room, the bedrooms, the art cabinet, the pantry, the “Tupperware” drawer, the entrance, the hall closet, the bathrooms, your inbox, the storage room in the basement, the toys, the photos on your phone, the craft supplies, the Halloween candy …

What you decide to tackle is totally up to you … just pick seven things and get going on one thing a day!

I trust you will feel “lighter” when this challenge is over …

Less stuff means more room to breathe … more space for fun … less anxiety … easier clean up … and more time to focus on our families during this special time of year …

Are you in? Comment here, send me a message via Messenger, or email me … do what works for YOU, but SIGN UP … that little bit of extra accountability will keep you going for the next seven days!

Let’s do this!


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