One of THOSE Moms

Today, it seems I am one of THOSE moms … you know … the ones who buy their kids hot lunch at school, but proceed to pack them a lunch anyway …

One of THOSE moms who don’t actually look at the calendar to get things straight first, and don’t even really figure it all out until lunch time when things “click” …

I am also one of THOSE moms who almost forgot to put out our Christmas elf this morning … despite thinking about it for many days now AND marking it in my calendar …

It wasn’t until my nine-year-old came out of her bed at 5 AM wondering if Sarah has shown up, that it “clicked.”

Thankfully, said nine-year-old went back to bed, providing an opportunity to sneak our kindness elf under the tree for all to find a little later this morning.

Crisis averted …

I was also one of THOSE moms this morning as I frantically searched the dryer for clean masks for the kids … last minute, of course … frustrated because I couldn’t find them and almost slipping into some “why can’t I get it together” self-pity, the “lost” were found and everyone was on their merry little way!

And today, I feel pleased … pleased that I am in a position now where I can just smile to myself and have a little chuckle about my imperfections and my little mistakes along the way. There would’ve been a time I would’ve beat myself up for being so forgetful … I would’ve let these little “mistakes” or “mishaps” ruin the day …

But I’ve decided I’m not doing that anymore.

Because I don’t want to be one of THOSE moms anymore.

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