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Do It Anyway!

Lately, I’ve been “hearing” the phrase “Do it anyway!” in my head (and on my heart).

It’s now been 170 days since schools closed back in March. Of course, this was followed by MONTHS at home in social isolation. Summer seemed to open things back up to some extent, but social distancing is still being encouraged. People’s comfort levels with socializing seem to vary, depending on their circumstances, and a “lower-level” of social activity persists …

This is making (some) people LONELY … this is impacting people’s feelings of CONNECTION … and BELONGING … in a BIG, BIG WAY …

At times, it’s also contributing to a “Why bother?” mindset in which people are feeling discouraged to do things or to try things … it’s difficult to tie meaning to some things (especially when they can’t be done the way they’ve always been done or in a way that we’d prefer) …

I’ve struggled with my own, “What’s the point?” feelings of discouragement at times throughout this whole ordeal …

What’s the point of creating something when we’re not able to share it?

What’s the point of doing my hair? I won’t be seeing anyone anyway.

What’s the point of getting dressed up?

What’s the point of that phone call when an in-person visit would be so much better?

Why bother keeping the house tidy? No one’s coming over anyway.

Why bother spending one-on-one time with the kids? They’re not going anywhere. I can always do that later.

If I can’t go for a proper walk, why bother going at all?

Why bother staying connected with my husband? He’s never home anyway.

Why bother asking the kids to start pitching in more around home? They’ll never do as good of a job as I can do.

These “why bother” and “what’s the point” feelings can also be compounded by scary “what-if” thoughts too …

What if NO ONE reads my blog or FB posts?

What if NO ONE cares about what I care about?

What is NO ONE hops onto my 21-Day Gratitude Buddy challenge?

And while some of these feelings have gotten the best of me over the last few months … lately, I’ve been replacing these un-serving thoughts with …

DO IT anyway!

Yep, visiting someone while wearing a mask isn’t the best. Do it anyway!

Yep, phone calls aren’t the same as an in-person visit, but make the call anyway!

No, there’s no “art show” to prepare for to display our works of art, but CREATE anyway!

No one comments on your FB post? Keep posting anyway.

You have to take your pre-schooler along on your walk? Give her something to chew on (in my case, an apple), throw her in the stroller, and go for a walk anyway.

Don’t have time for your whole workout? Workout a little anyway.

It’s cool(er) outside. Go outside anyway.

No one wants to join the Focus on Fall goal-setting challenge? Participate anyway.

Too much work to start tackling that basement storage room? Get going anyway.

Only Grandma and Papa are able to make it to your daughter’s 3rd birthday party? Have the party anyway.

Your daughter doesn’t want to do her chores? Make her do them anyway.

Not going anywhere today? Get dressed and fix your hair anyway.

No one believes in your dreams? Dream anyway.

You might get interrupted during your morning quiet time? Get up anyway.

No one’s coming over? Tidy up anyway.

Don’t feel like reading or playing a game with your kid? Do it anyway.

I’m not trying to discount your possible “why bother” or “what’s the point” feelings of discouragement … I completely understand where you’re coming from … we are WIRED for connection … and we are living in a time of DISCONNECTION … in a time where it’s seemingly harder and harder to be physically together … in a time where we can’t read a person’s face or their body language …

But we need to do “all of the things” ANYWAY …

I’m sure you have your own list of things you need to just DO anyway!

Craft the list, then DO the things!

Let’s do this!


Need a worksheet to get you going? Here you go: My Do It Anyway List: Worksheet

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