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Change It

Is there something in your life right now that you don’t like? Something that’s bothering you? Something that doesn’t align with the life you want?

Is it the way you’ve been interacting with your nine-year-old daughter? Or your teen?

The state of your body?
A possible health issue?
The window treatments in your camper?
Or the way your living room is arranged?
Is it the state of your house?
A cluttered closet?
A dead or dying plant?
Is it an unhealthy relationship?
Your eating habits?
Or something as big as WHERE you live?
Is it the way you’ve been spending your spare time?
A lack of routine?
A bad habit?
A “loose end”?
Or is it your job?
An unfinished project?
An unmade bed?
Not serving ENOUGH?
Serving too much?
Is something TOO full?
Or not full ENOUGH?
Have you been spending money on useless things?
Donating too little?

Not making time for your kids?

Or your hobbies?

Not enough self-care?

Drinking too much?

Checking out when you should be checking in?


If you don’t like it …

You’ve got to CHANGE IT …

WHATEVER you aren’t CHANGING, you are CHOOSING …

I’ve moved …
I’ve secured an alternate (and totally awesome) job as an online teacher …
I’ve homeschooled when it wasn’t mandatory (or popular) …
I’ve done plenty of rearranging …
I’ve made changes in our home that make life better (and prettier) …
More recently, I’ve sewed new curtains for our camper because I didn’t like what was there before …
I’ve made changes to my eating habits …
I’ve settled into daily physical activity …
I’ve served …
I’ve stopped serving …

I am definitely a work in progress … we all are, I think …

CHANGE takes COURAGE I know … 

And WISDOM too …

But you’ve got this!!!

“God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change (see earlier Circle of Control post), the COURAGE to change the things I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference” …

What will you change TODAY? It can be big; it can be small … just make the change … then make another one tomorrow … 

Each change brings you closer to the life you truly want …

Ready to do some reflecting? Here’s the post for the Change It Worksheet.


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