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Last weekend, I took some time to write about each of my daughters … things I might want to remember about each of them … things to savour … things to celebrate … I feel nudged to do this every once in awhile ❤️

I’m sharing them here for family and friends afar who might like to know a little more about these wonderful little girls … but I am also sharing this to encourage you to take some time to jot some things down about your own kids … who they are … what they like … what they don’t like … doing so is good for NOW, but it’s good for LATER too!

Happy writing!


Cambri Joy Hintz – 947 Days Old

  1. You have wild hair most of the time. 
  2. You don’t like pants.
  3. You don’t like socks.
  4. You like pointing to the flags on the map and mommy tells you what country it is (then you repeat the name of the country).
  5. You make us laugh … a lot.
  6. You don’t like being called a “bad girl” by Mack.
  7. You seem remorseful when you’ve made a mistake or hurt someone.
  8. You sometimes call Mack and Madi “Mom” … they are also “the big kids.”
  9. You also use the word “sissies” a lot.
  10. You arrange things by size … there’s the daddy, the mommy, the big kids, and then you … recent examples include the salad dressings and pom poms. 
  11. You don’t like to brush your teeth. 
  12. You (sometimes) don’t like getting ready to go outside, but once you’re out there, you’re usually happy (then you don’t want to come back inside).
  13. You like playing “go outside” with all of the extra winter gear in the basement.
  14. You LOVE playing with your big sisters … you and Madilyn have gotten REALLY good at playing pretend together … school, house, guns, and the like.
  15. You are scared of the vacuums (and get up on the couch as high as you can to get away from them).
  16. You like bathing with the big kids.
  17. You love Mack’s piggy back rides (and Madi’s).
  18. You like “Rock-a-Bye Baby” at bedtime, but you don’t like being called a baby. 
  19. You love Paw Patrol, Loo Loo Kids, and nursery rhymes.
  20. You like Silly Songs at nap time and bedtime … you don’t like Pooh.
  21. You love reading (and looking at) books.
  22. You get real upset if we try to skip your bedtime story. 
  23. You like to hide at bedtime.
  24. You like licking the windows.
  25. You love puzzles. 
  26. You make your own fun (like diving off the couch).
  27. You want people to “feed me like a baby” … but you remind us all the time that you are not a baby.
  28. You pee on the potty (but only when we take you … and we’re not real good at that sometimes) … 
  29. You have pooped on the potty (with chocolate as your reward), but nothing consistent yet (again, probably more our fault than yours).
  30. You like playing hide and seek.
  31. If you’re poopy and not wanting to get your diaper changed, we put you in the bathtub for a timeout. 
  32. You’re not too good at eating your meals sometimes, but you have figured out how to get dessert.
  33.  When you’re being uncooperative, we place you in your crib … then you tell us “I’m done crying” or “I’m not grumpy any more” … sometimes, we don’t even get you to your crib before you tell us you’re done or “all better.”
  34. On that note, you’ve gotten real good at climbing out of your crib now too (and you’re quite proud of yourself when you do).
  35. Prior to Covid-19, you really seemed to enjoy going to ‘Retta’s and playing with your buddies there (though getting ready and out the door wasn’t always the best).
  36. You also enjoyed going to Grandma Denise’s with Mack on Mondays. 
  37. You’ve really settled in around home too though in the last few weeks, and you seem happy here as well.
  38. You like having multiple breakfasts in the morning … yours, then whatever each sister is having too (and you like to get in on “extra” watching time too).
  39. You like skidooing with Mom, and you chitter chatter the whole way (though most of the time, I have no idea what you’re saying).
  40. You used to like sleigh rides, but now you like to pull the sleigh yourself (which REALLY slows things down).
  41. You love playdough and playing with the board games.
  42. You sing “Shut Up and Dance With Me” and “lost my mind.”
  43. You’re starting to like helping with clean up too … taking your dishes to the counter and putting items away in the fridge.

Madilyn Shea Hintz – 2,493 Days Old

  1. You love listening to books / stories.
  2. You love playing games.
  3. You like watching movies.
  4. You seem to still like Paw Patrol (but lots of other shows too).
  5. You seem to love playing pretend (and sometimes silly) games with Cambri. 
  6. You’ve recently taken up drawing and colouring houses (and you’ve made a lot of them).
  7. You are cooperative when it comes to your schoolwork.
  8. You are helpful around the house.
  9. You are an AWESOME big sister to Cambri.
  10. You are working hard on your reading skills.
  11. You are practicing math on IXL everyday.
  12. You think of others.
  13. You like to take all the tabs off of the cans right now (and spend time crushing them).
  14. You like reading (and getting good at) poems.
  15. You love pancakes for breakfast … every single day. You’ll tolerate oatmeal if there’s no pancakes, but it’s not your favourite. 
  16. You love dessert (mostly chocolate).
  17. You seem to be okay with doing Raz-Kids every day (and you really like working on your avatar and your rocket ship). 
  18. You don’t like potatoes, unless they are the hash brown or French fry variety (or mashed, apparently). .
  19. You eat your veggies (cucumbers and carrots are definitely your favourite).
  20. You like shopping with mom (though you haven’t had a chance for awhile).
  21. You love picking out gifts for people and wrapping them up.
  22. You don’t always want to go outside, but once you get there, you seem fine.
  23. You enjoy sports … hockey and baseball, for sure. You were also enjoying basketball, but your season got cut short.
  24. You don’t like cereal (or even the smell of it).
  25. You also don’t like goldfish and can hardly tolerate their presence in your midst. 
  26. You really enjoyed school … your teachers and your friends … 
  27. You like playing with boys.
  28. You often let others choose the activity and just follow along.
  29. You’re not too fussy about showering or getting your hair combed.
  30. You seem to like staying in your pajamas for the day.
  31. You don’t demand a whole lot of attention, but seem to really enjoy one-on-one time when you do get it.
  32. You make your own fun.
  33. You’ve recently taken up sweeping and vacuuming. 
  34. You like to laugh (and make jokes) and be silly sometimes.
  35. You even like to “do school” on the weekends sometimes.
  36. You like to bake, but mostly so you can eat the batter and the dough.
  37. You’re pretty good at going with the flow.
  38. You still seem shy at times.

Mackenzie Faith Hintz – 3,350 Days Old

  1. You love audiobooks.
  2. You seem to enjoy reading at bedtime.
  3. You love creating things.
  4. You tolerate your schoolwork (knowing what has to get done and doing it).
  5. You love movies.
  6. You love all things old and beautiful. 
  7. You love learning about history.
  8. You love old stories (the classics).
  9. You like to play games (but not with Madilyn).
  10. You worry about not having enough or running out of things (we often tease you saying you must have “another life” in which there was a shortage of supplies).
  11. You love ART.
  12. You love spending time with Nana.
  13. You love going to your Grandmas’ houses.
  14. You love spending time with friends and cousins.
  15. You seem to love playing with Cambri; she makes you laugh; you two seem to like to “argue.”
  16. You’re an amazing big sister to Cambri.
  17. You struggle to get along with Madilyn sometimes; other times, the two of you play so well together.
  18. You don’t like things to change, especially our schedules (yet you yearn for something “new” or “different”).
  19. You think of others.
  20. Everything is a “treasure” to you 🙂
  21. You like when dad is home (even though you don’t always show it).
  22. You like watching Corner Gas with Dad on the weekends.
  23. You want to be good at things the first time you try them.
  24. You need A LOT of love.
  25. You like ALL of the LOVE and ATTENTION.
  26. You swear (a little too much for my liking).
  27. You’re getting really good at writing (especially paragraphs).
  28. You’re getting good at typing and using the computer.
  29. When you want to know something, you know how to find out .
  30. You ask questions.
  31. You think about things. 
  32. You make your own fun.
  33. Your reading is getting really strong. 
  34. You love learning.
  35. You don’t really like Math, but you’re good at it.
  36. You like getting “dressed up” for things.
  37. You are helpful.
  38. You like “fancy dinners” and setting the table.
  39. You are becoming quite capable in the kitchen (you like to help prepare meals and bake).
  40. You like organizing things.
  41. You like to delegate.
  42. You like to be in control.
  43. You seem to be enjoying snowmobiling lately (with the family and on your own). 
  44. You like to dance (and you’re really good at it).
  45. You’ve learned to play quite a few little songs on the piano.


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