Faith / Spirit

I Am Humbled

A year or so ago, I started cross country skiing. We have an amazing club in our community thanks to an incredible and extremely passionate skiing lady … let’s call her Gloria. For $30 a year, I can borrow ski equipment and take advantage of the incredible cross-country ski trails and programming we have in this community.

More recently, since we’re “stuck” at home and practicing social distancing (and I’m off work) … I’ve taken advantage of some of my “free” time and I’ve skied more and more … we have a lovely forest trail at home that is NOT groomed for skiing (despite my feeble attempts to pack around heavy kids in a sleigh with runners).

Cross-country skiing on an ungroomed trail is an extremely humbling experience … I’m required to be “on alert” at all times, as my skis slip and slide around … there are new demands placed on my body … with every stroke comes a sense of unpredictability … as there are no two strokes alike … there is constant variety with every “dip” in the trail or “crook” in the road … even though I ski on the same trail day after day … sometimes, I lose my footing, and I’m required to “catch myself” … sometimes, I slip, and I’m able to right myself … other times, I slip, and I crash to the ground … sometimes, I get hurt and my pain lingers throughout the day … over and over again, I … AM … HUMBLED …. another crash, another fall, another slip … and I’m reminded, how important it is in our lives to feel HUMILITY at times … 

There is so much BLESSING in HUMILITY … and this is why I go out to ski … again and again and again … 

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.” Jame 4:10

Lately, I’ve become so intrigued with how my cross-country skiing experience mirrors LIFE in such a remarkable way … a metaphor of sorts … 

When I am skiing, I trust that God is with me … watching me … observing my stumbles … seeing my falls … and it’s likely He’s the One to catch me … to set me right … or to help me up … I trust this is true in ALL areas of my life. We are not alone! THANKS be to GOD!

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