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The Gift of Good Health

This week I’m reminded of the gift of good health.

On Saturday, my middle daughter battled a fever all day (and we were stuck in the car for a 10-hour drive back home from Calgary). She had little energy and even playing with her cousins upon our return lacked appeal … something normally quite enticing, seemed impossible. 

The next day my oldest daughter came down with a similar fever and she, too, was unable to accomplish or engage in much of anything for the whole day.

My own health seemed to be deteriorating also. A fever and aches and pains seemed to settle in and, of course, my energy waned. I struggled through the day, but only accomplished the basics. There was no joy, no excitement, no savouring, no celebrating.

The next day was the same for my oldest daughter. While an entire day of NETFLIX might typically be appealing and even a little bit exciting, she grew bored because that was about all she could do.

My own symptoms seemed to worsen. My voice got hoarse and a cough settled in. The fever persisted and the earlier days of this week became a simple pattern of going through the motions, getting the basics done and really nothing more. I found myself busying the children or just having them occupied, not really engaging with them or savouring them or enjoying them in any way. I longed for my bed and a chance to rest. There were no “extras” … no sudden whims, no inspiring thoughts or ideas …

And through it all, I’m completely humbled. I know there are people “out there” battling sicknesses far worse than mine.

So I come to you today, feeling quite a bit better, with GRATITUDE … albeit my ailment of the week has been tiring. It’s made things a little “foggy” or a little harder to enjoy … it’s made even simple conversation with my husband or a good friend challenging … but it’s also given me the gift of “vision” … a small “peak” into the plight of those who are battling illness on a more regular basis (or in a much more serious manner than me) … the gift of being able to show empathy and compassion to others … the gift of receiving the same sense of understanding from my children, from my husband, and from passerbyers “on the street” …

This week has given me the gift of insight. It’s shown me why someone might not engage in conversation on the street. It’s shown me why someone might not be able to pursue a dream right now. It’s shown me why a mother might choose a device to occupy her child. It’s shown me why someone might take a shortcut. It’s shown me why someone might only be accomplishing the basics. It’s shown me “survival mode.”

And while I trust that my own “survival mode” will be over soon, not everyone has the same gift … 

Today, I am back to savouring, to celebrating, to relishing … the gift of good health … the gift of grace … the gift of “new” insights … and the gift of gratitude …


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