Happy Birthday Wishes

Do you wish people a happy birthday on Facebook?

I don’t.

And here’s the (kind of pathetic) reason why …

If I can’t say happy birthday to EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the day of their birthday in person or via text message or phone call, I just don’t say happy birthday at all.

For those of you keeping track of who wishes you a happy birthday via Facebook, I’m sorry, but you’ll never find my name in the comments.

This is because I simply can’t stand the thought of saying happy birthday to one friend and accidentally missing another friend.

UNTIL I am THOROUGHLY committed to wishing EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY FRIENDS a happy birthday (which I would have to start at the beginning of a new year), I just can’t do it … I can’t wish even ONE friend a happy birthday via Facebook. Sorry, friends! I do genuinely wish that your birthday is (was) a happy one, but it’s just a classic case of ALL or NOTHING for this girl.

Old tendencies die hard … maybe you’ll hear from me next year!

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