What I’m Reading (and Listening To) These Days

Today, I thought I would take a few minutes to share some of the books I’ve been working my way through in recent times. I apologize in advance if “self-help” and personal development aren’t of interest to you, since the majority of these books fall under that category … I LOVE learning about new ways to grow and develop as a person, particularly as a mother. I also LOVE learning about different ways of doing things, and creating systems and rhythms that work.

I generally listen to the audiobook version of a book so that I can fold laundry, tackle the kitchen, or tidy the basement at the same time. Though I have gotten away from it a bit, I am really trying to “pause” and jot down a few notes about what I’m reading (or listening to), since that’s really the only way the important lessons are solidified for me. A crucial next step for the future will be trying to share what I learn with all of you.

So here’s my current list (and a link to the description of each book from … 

*Note: I generally don’t purchase a lot of books. I utilize Hoopla a lot through our local library. Using my library card, I am able to sign in and borrow books, movies, audiobooks, and the like (up to five titles per month). I really encourage you to check it out.

Beyond listening to books, I also have a couple of podcasts that I absolutely love … both of these either affirm my experiences as a mother or give me the little “kick” I need to spring into action or let something go (links provided below) … I strongly encourage you to give either of these a listen (I jump on my treadmill or do a simple living room workout and hit play on one of these most evenings) …

If you’ve been yearning for a little growth, a little improvement, a little “boost,” I think these titles (or podcasts) just might provide the inspiration that you need. And, of course, if you’ve read (or listened to) something lovely lately that might fall under my favourite category of  “personal development,” I would love to hear from you!

Happy reading (and listening)!


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