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Because You Have Sisters

To My Three Beautiful Daughters


Here is a little piece for you entitled “Because You Have Sisters.”

Because you have sisters, you have …

  • someone to lean on
  • someone to play with
  • someone to sing with
  • someone to laugh with
  • someone to snuggle with
  • someone to dance with
  • someone to bake with
  • someone to sort life out with
  • someone to eat with
  • someone to discover with
  • someone to dream with
  • someone to cry with

Because you have sisters, you have …

  • someone you can turn to for advice or support
  • someone you can share memories with
  • someone you can reminisce with
  • someone you can share grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins with
  • someone you can tell ANYTHING

Because you have sisters, you get to …

  • practice compassion every day
  • experiment with sharing and taking turns
  • serve others and practice being kind
  • share a mom and a dad (and even your clothes)
  • bond over your parents’ character flaws
  • be the keeper of secrets.

With your sisters, you can be totally and completely YOU.

You can be candid.

You can be brutally honest.

There are no secrets about your past or your childhood.

Your sister has seen you at your absolute worst and she’s seen you at your very best.

There is no judgment, because your sister has lived it too.

Because you have sisters,

You will ALWAYS be loved, and perhaps most importantly, you will have two BEST friends FOR LIFE!

What a gift God has given you with two sisters to love.

Love Mom

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