On Monday night, before I went to sleep, I made this schedule for myself, knowing I’d NEVER have three kids AND myself ready by 8:30 a.m. if I didn’t clearly outline what I was doing and when.


I had stalled as long as I possibly could … but it was time to say good-bye to our slow summer mornings.

I like to get up at 5 (even in the summer), because my first kid is usually up at 6. I don’t really like to talk to anyone when I first get up. I like to have breakfast ALONE, and I also like to have coffee … ALONE … I’m sure some of you can relate.

On summer mornings, when I get up, I do whatever I want for a few hours (yep, I said it … “whatever I want”) … the kids get their daily dose of screen time, I get some reading or writing in or I work on a special project of some sort. Of course, I meet their basic needs and say “good morning” and give them a snuggle and such, but we are all generally happy doing our own thing for the first part of the day.

Then, once I’ve got my fill of the “hard,” and completely fulfilling, brain work, I generally transition to listening to my favourite online radio station and tackling the dishwasher. The girls join in, eat their breakfast, and we make a plan for the day. Getting dressed (for any of us) isn’t mandatory (or rushed), nor is doing our hair or my makeup … it can all wait until there is some real legit pressure to do so. Procrastination at its best!

I LOVE, love, love slow summer mornings. They … are … so, so glorious … morning after beautiful morning started SLOW …

It’s been just two short days since I’ve had a slow, summer morning … and I miss those wonderful mornings so, so much … ALREADY!!!

Good-bye summer … I CAN’T WAIT to see you again!

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