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Urge to Purge

I have come to loathe hours and minutes and days that are spent on “stuff” (literally). Having spent the last week or so with just one carload of stuff for my family of five, my return to my “full” house rekindled old feelings of overwhelm and anxiousness.

Much of my time over the weekend was spent moving “stuff” around it seemed. My children, for the most part, were neglected. Not in the lack of food and shelter sort of way, but they lived with a distracted and “busy” mother this weekend. Certainly, most of this was related to the essential job of unpacking after a trip, but there was more to it than that. Time away from home reminds us AGAIN of how little we really NEED to live comfortably and contentedly. Time and time again this weekend, I found it hard to focus on what my five-year-old was telling me. Or I was barking orders … “pick this up” or “put that away.” I scurried around trying to get ahead of the mess, but time and again, I felt defeated. There’s just … too … much … stuff.

Blankets. Big toys. Clothes. Stuffies. Dishes. Tiny toys. Food. Camping gear. More clothes. Baby apparatuses. Art stuff. Dolls. Swimming stuff. Colouring books. More dishes. Books. Baby toys. Trinkets. Furniture. Beds. Puzzles. Bedding.

The list goes on and on. And, of course, some of these things are essential. Some of these things are convenient. And some of these things bring great pleasure. But, some of these things have … got … to … go!

As the weekend progressed, I felt the urge to purge once again. This urge creeps up on me regularly (thank goodness). I was “nudged” to go through the kids clothes again, and pack up some non-essentials or too small garments. I got rid of a few of my own clothing items again too. I sold a couple baby items on our local FB buy and sell page, and I am prepared to return a couple more borrowed items to their rightful owners real soon. My oldest daughter and I tidied her room, returning items back to where they belong in other areas of the house. There is still work to do. It seems there always will be. Needs change, and people change. Our homes need to be a reflection of that, I suppose.

Anything you can get rid of today? Do it! Even if it’s just the recycling or a couple pairs of pants you don’t like … let it go! You’ll be so glad you did.

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