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Life is About People

I’m amazed again and again how intuitive my young children are at times …


My daughters somehow already know that life is about people. And, thankfully, they remind me about this daily (or maybe even hourly) …

As exhausting as it can be sometimes, my children yearn to be with someone all … of … the … time. They need mommy-time and they need daddy-time. They enjoy Cambri-time and cousin-time. They look forward to grandma-time and grandpa- and papa-time. And they love friend-time too.

Even the baby seemingly has it all figured out. She cries as soon as she is put down, and especially if she is left alone in a room. She knows when the door is closed if I have to slip outside for a minute that SHE IS ALONE, and she is devastated. People matter. Relationships matter.

In fact, good relationships give life meaning. They fill us up, and they build us up. They give us worth, make us feel valued, and perhaps, most importantly, they make us feel loved. Good relationships foster a sense of adventure and fun, laughs and special moments to remember for a lifetime.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve caught myself saying, “If only so and so could have been here to enjoy this with us” or “I would love to go do ____, but it would be so much better with a friend (or a significant other or my mom).” Like my children, I yearn for that connection with my husband, a special friend, a loved one, and them.

And the beautiful thing is, it doesn’t have to be anything too complicated or extravagant … a shared cup of tea, creating together, a hug, a story, a chat, a play at the park, a swim in the pool, a kayak ride, singing along to the same song, a game of UNO, packing for a trip together, or weeding the garden … the simplest things become significant because of the people we do them with.

Today’s lesson for all of you … Life is ALL ABOUT the people you share it with … people are gifts. Treasure them.

Happy Sunday, Everyone! Go do what kids love to do and spend some time with your favourite peeps today!

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