The Perfect School

So the title of this post is meant to get those little hairs up on the back of your neck … “The PERFECT School” … of course, there’s no such thing as PERFECT anything, right? But just imagine for a moment if there REALLY COULD BE a PERFECT SCHOOL.

I’m writing this post as a teacher, but also as a mother who truly wants what’s best (and maybe PERFECT) for her children … please humour me while I describe my PERFECT SCHOOL …

In my PERFECT SCHOOL, the children are …

  • happy
  • well-mannered
  • respected
  • respectful
  • responsible
  • accountable
  • kind
  • supportive of one another
  • stimulated
  • challenged
  • healthy (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually)
  • confident
  • excited
  • safe

In my PERFECT SCHOOL, the following are cultivated daily …

  • a sense of community
  • a sense of belonging
  • a sense of volunteerism

In my PERFECT SCHOOL, the following are celebrated daily …

  • differences
  • each child’s uniqueness
  • and even mistakes

In my PERFECT SCHOOL, the following are offered daily …

  • structure and routines
  • but also, flexibility, in order to meet our students’ needs and desires

Oh, I hear your “Yeah, rights!” and your “That’s impossible!” scoffing. I also hear your, “Good luck with that, Hintzy! You’re crazy!” Maybe so, but …

Can you picture it? Go ahead, take a minute and just think about how beautiful this could be! Think about what it would be like for your child to attend a school and learn in an environment like this! Is it just a dream? Or is it a real possibility?

The truth is … everything that I have described above exists in a school in my hometown. Granted, it is a play school, but nonetheless, it exists. It … is … possible. One amazing lady (actually two amazing ladies) provide EVERYTHING I described above for the little people in our community each Tuesday and Thursday morning throughout the school year. And my daughters have been so, so blessed to be a part of this.

Thanks to you both for making me realize the possibility of a PERFECT SCHOOL. It can (and does) exist … what a gift!

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