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Where We Sit

img_6279Yesterday, at lunch time, I had what I would consider a really silly argument with my big girls. They were arguing AGAIN about where they were going to sit for lunch … I have heard this argument SO MANY TIMES and frankly, I was quite IRRITATED that we were going over this same thing yet again.

The issue? They BOTH want to sit by Cambri AND they BOTH want to sit by Dad (when he’s home) despite my continuous reminders that “we’re all together; it doesn’t matter where we sit.”

I CARE SO LITTLE ABOUT this topic that I found it really hard to respond with understanding or an appropriate solution. I am not up to the task of managing who sits where at each meal … it’s just not a good use of my time. I encouraged my oldest daughter to come up with a way to keep track of who sits where and when, but she didn’t seem confident enough to do the job.

Looking into her worried little face, I suddenly realized that this whole where we sit thing was obviously really important to them. I sat down to sketch out a plan I hoped would work. We eventually settled on the big girls both sitting by Cambri and mom and dad switching spots each day.

This will force me to give up a bit of control when it comes to keeping the baby fed (I always wanted to sit next to her) … but both girls have already demonstrated that they are more than capable of putting cut up food onto her tray at appropriate times … and if they accidentally get distracted, Cambri is sure to let everyone know when she needs a refill. So, I can let this one go.

Thinking about things further it seems my girls have some important insight about being physically close to someone … there’s a warmth and comfort associated, a sense of belonging, and a feeling of excitement. And, in the case of REALLY wanting to sit next to Cambri, they seem to want that important sense of responsibility as they help care for her through feeding. They already agreed that they would be able to take turns replenishing her tray.

Children really are the best teachers sometimes … I encourage you to find someone you love to sit next to today and bask in all the glorious feelings that come with it.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

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