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I’m Out

I’m a pretty strict “no kids in my bed” kind of girl … my husband, on the other hand, is not.

If kids move in, I’m out. This happened with our middle daughter just the other night. She awoke, then cried to her dad about not being able to fall back asleep (she knows better than to come to me).

In most circumstances, my husband goes to the girls’ beds and lays with them until they fall back asleep. Madilyn switched to a smaller bed a couple of months ago so she could bunk up with her new “roomie,” the baby. Her new little bed is quite precious to her, but there’s no room for dad in it. So in she climbed, and off I went to the couch.

This same night, my husband had already spent a couple of hours in our oldest daughter’s bed because of her scary Tasmanian devil dreams.

Thankfully, the big girls’ trips to our room are fairly rare. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of compassion or understanding from their mother when they arrive (let’s face it, I’ve probably already been awakened at least once by the baby). Thankfully, the whole ordeal is over quickly and I can get back to sleep, as my husband hops out of bed to lay with them, always warning them that we can’t do this EVERY night.

Chatting about it afterwards, when I teased my husband about being so soft with the girls in the middle of the night, he tells me that he slept with his parents as a child on occasion, but especially if he had a bad dream. I personally don’t recall any of this shenanigans from my own childhood, so perhaps that’s why I’m so resistant to the whole idea now. OR, maybe just maybe, I’m just dying for even one night of uninterrupted sleep … it’s … been … so, so long! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to just wake without being awakened. Something to dream of, I suppose …

Any “softies” in your house? Are kids allowed in your bed? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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