Eating Well

Sugar Strike Wrap Up

Yesterday marked the end of my 30 day Sugar Strike. I do this every so often to get things in check …  Eating sweets tends to be a super slippery slope for me. When I eat sugar, I tend to want more sugar (then suddenly, I’ve eaten far more than I should). There are actually studies that prove this is a real thing. Sugar wants sugar!

I also do this to teach my kids about sugar and the consequences of eating too much … the highs and the lows energy-wise, the possible extra weight, the potential cavities, and so on. Plus, I hope to inspire them to set their own goals in the future.

Also, as you may know, I am definitely “all or nothing” sort of person at times. When it comes to sugar, it seems I either have to eat it ALL or NOTHING. For the last 30 days, I chose NOTHING (or very little).

I did a good job of sticking to my plan (I started with some exceptions). Here’s the original FB post …

I did still have my one cup of coffee a day with International Delight coffee creamer. I also still had maple syrup on my oatmeal in the morning. There were a few butterscotch and chocolate chips in our favourite “skinny” banana chocolate chip muffins (which I ate). I struggled only with the whole yogurt thing (had a few sweetened yogurts throughout the 30 days … usually just half of the little single serve at a time to sweeten a bowl of cereal). I also had a few beverages (some sweetened with cane sugar, which I am okay with, but the ciders WERE sweetened with regular old “bad” sugar). I ate zero baked goods with the exception of one tiny sugar cookie bar (I was forced to bake for a church event). I even resisted my mom’s homemade cinnamon buns, ginger snaps, and rice crispy cake, which she passed along to us throughout the strike. I also had the odd piece of gum.

I’ve definitely noticed less belly pooch and less sugar cravings. Two definite wins!

I did have a little piece of cake a couple days ago for Madilyn’s fifth birthday (which was the first sweet treat I planned to have once the strike was over) … it was JUST okay, so no need to eat any more.

Moving forward, I think I’ll just keep limiting my sugar intake. It seems a new habit is forming, which I am pleased about.  Yesterday, I skipped dessert twice (even though I was “allowed” to have sugar again). Instead, I had a bit of fruit, which seemed to satisfy my inevitable sweet tooth. No sense throwing all of my “hard work” away …

I’d love to hear about a “strike” you’re working on or a “strike” you could start real soon. Comment below 🙂 I think for me, I need an “addition” for my next goal rather than a “subtraction” … I really need to be drinking more water!

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