Just BE Happy!

If you’ve read some of posts in the past, like “No More Than Two” and this one on my FB Page, Our Life Well Lived – Leanne Hintz, awhile back …

… you’ll know I have some pretty strong views about “screen time” and some pretty strict household rules surrounding the issue.

In general, on weekdays my oldest daughter watches something for about an hour (maybe an hour and a quarter) each morning. And that’s it. There is no other opportunity to watch TV or play on the iPad for the rest of the day. Madilyn often ends up with less time than Mackenzie on her school days (since she generally sleeps in, while Mackenzie is up at 6). Weekend mornings, they often end up watching a bit more, but again, generally nothing for the rest of the day. Of course, there’s the odd exception with a movie night or something. Sometimes, we just need an excuse to eat popcorn!!!

Lately though, on Madilyn’s home days, I’ve been taking advantage of the screen’s magical powers to keep my almost five-year-old quiet and totally distracted. An hour has been slipping to an hour and fifteen minutes or maybe an hour and a half some mornings.

Since the baby has FINALLY taken up a somewhat normal and predictable nap schedule, I really don’t want to screw that up (quiet Madilyn = sleeping baby). Also, sometimes I just have to get stuff done … cleaning, laundry, phone calls, playschool stuff, a walk on the treadmill, writing, etc. So rather than be with Madilyn and be distracted with all of my responsibilities (or yearnings), I … just … let … her … watch something. And, yes, guilt creeps in sometimes, but other times, I just relish in the joy of these few precious moments where I can cross a few things off my to do list or simply make the house hospitable again (and yes, I do selfishly indulge by listening to my current audiobook at the same time or taking a few minutes to get myself ready … uninterrupted). She’s happy! I’m happy! And the baby’s happy (because she didn’t get woke up from her nap)! I think that’s another win, Folks! Let’s cut the guilt and just BE HAPPY!

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