My aim for this post is to share a story …

I am completely and utterly fascinated (and truly admire) women entrepreneurs, especially those who have small children “on the side.” I LOVE entrepreneurship, and I LOVE when people demonstrate the grit and determination necessary to start up and “run” a business. I secretly wish I could do what these beautiful entrepreneur women do, but I’ve come to realize over the years that I don’t think I have the essential “stick-with-it-ness” (or courage) necessary to truly be a successful entrepreneur (plus, I think my husband might leave me).

I think I speak for all moms in my yearning to know how they do it … how do they run a successful business and be the amazing mom that they are?

Woman Entrepreneur #1 (I am hoping there will be more): Brooke VanNes of Timeless Treasures in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan

Brooke writes …

I’ve always wanted to be able to have a job where I could create art. I dabbled with tons of ideas and things over the years of what I could do to have a creative outlet that could generate some type of income.

My mom and I came up with the idea of refinishing old unwanted furniture pieces and bringing them to life again. Years ago, she used to auction for antiques and refinish items for herself all the time! As I have also come to love auctioning and treasure hunting, it was the perfect match! Getting the rush of finding the perfect piece and then getting to use it as a creative outlet! Pinterest, Facebook, and social media have really helped me launch my home business.

When asked to outline some of the challenges she has faced as a “mompreneur,” Brooke writes … After starting Timeless Treasures a few years ago now, we have had so many ups and downs. As I also work a part time job and have two boys under seven, it is extremely challenging to get projects done. I have found it so overwhelming at times that I’ve wanted to just give up and quit. When I opened a store front a year ago, it was even crazier! I was working part time at one job, refinishing furniture, dealing with two kids (alone half the time because my husband works away), and then I had a store to take care of … I definitely put too much on my plate!

After eight months of having the store (which was also a dream of mine), it tragically burnt down with all of our hard work inside! It was a nightmare! No insurance meant just another stress added to my already full plate.

After coming to terms with that loss, I decided that I need to do things on my own time. I felt guilty half of the time that I wasn’t spending enough time with my kids because I was always at work or working on furniture. Furthermore, I also have extreme anxiety on a normal day so with all the added stress and guilt, I have dealt with some major breakdowns emotionally and physically too over trying to “live my dream.”

Once I decided to go at my own pace, people can wait, and that I don’t NEED to do it… I WANT to do it, I LOVE to do it, things started getting a bit easier. I am totally a stresser and I have anxiety all of the time. I just really have to tell myself all of the time what’s important. Most of all, it’s time management, but it’s still a real struggle everyday to keep it all going … the refinishing, the buying, the Facebook page, the jobs, kids, husband, etc. … but I just hope that one day my kids will look back and think of me as a hard worker. I think to me that’s really important … they see me work hard at something I love to do and also see me try hard to spend the time and energy on them as I do on my work. I have already noticed that my older son puts a ton of time into things he does (paintings, cleaning his room, etc.), so hopefully my little display of craziness with all the extra work I put on myself will rub off in a positive way!

Thanks, Brooke! We so appreciate you “baring it all” for us … the good, the bad, and the ugly! Undoubtedly, you have inspired and influenced your children just as you hoped.

Be sure to check out the “Timeless Treasures Hudson Bay” group on Facebook (if you haven’t already) to see some of Brooke’s amazing creations!

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