Domestic Responsibilities, Motherhood

My Dirty Little Secrets

Since my last baby was born, I have had two dirty little secrets. Their names are Charlie and Brianna, respectively. These two young ladies have been hired (one at a time) to come into my home and … do whatever needs doing … sweep the floor, unload the dishwasher, vacuum, look after a baby, dust, bag up the recycling, do a how-to-draw with a kid, make beds, fold laundry, wash windows, drop off a kid at playschool, wash dishes, and/or play a game. They are here for an hour to an hour-and-a-half a few mornings a week. And I am GRATEFUL for them!

Because of them, I am able to focus my attention on my kids, rather than the household tasks that need doing. Or I am able to go for a much needed walk on the treadmill (or outside). Or I can make an important phone call without being interrupted. Or I can drop off Madilyn at playschool and not have a baby to worry about. Or I can write. Or I can read. Or I can focus on my volunteer tasks for the week. Or I can … JUST BE.

Their presence allows me to JUST be with my kids sometimes. I can listen to them … I mean REALLY listen to them. I can help them. I can play something with them. I can colour with them. I can BE … WITH … them. And that is a gift!

I am sure people wonder how I do it all … three kids, a house, a yard, and a husband that is MIA most of the time, but the truth is … I don’t! I enlist help … not every week, but many weeks (and especially during our crunch times when my husband isn’t home). I strongly encourage you to do the same. The shame of not being able (or wanting) to do it all and having to hire someone to help is quickly replaced with feelings of relief, joy, and excitement for the time and space we have to ENJOY our days! Let’s be honest, folding laundry SUCKS! So does doing the dishes! If I were you, I’d get your own “dirty little secret” … go ahead, bring some joy back to your days!

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