A New Baby

I’m not sure if you read “Baby for Sale” or not, but in a nutshell I tried to demonstrate that life with Cambri proved to be “challenging” at times … in the post, I describe in detail her reflux issues, the fact that she never sleeps, and her all around state of misery.

IMG_5468I am almost hesitant to report this, but Cambri has been without her reflux medication for about a week now, and … she is a new baby! A good new baby! With the exception of some grouchiness related to growing teeth (she’s had 3-4 popping up in the last few days), this baby has suddenly become pleasant … she eats without screaming, her spitting up has decreased significantly, and she is even taking longer naps (three hours this morning).

I know the whole “divine intervention” thing can sound really “hokey” sometimes, but I genuinely believe things happen for a reason … I had been secretly wanting to take Cambri off of all her medications (the pharmacist in Hudson Bay described it as mother’s intuition). Nothing seemed to be helping her anyway, and I just don’t like taking (or giving) medication unnecessarily, especially when there is no evidence that it is helping. However, I was a little freaked out thinking that there was a possibility that she could be WORSE! I really would have to sell her! And that could prove to be a really hard sell! What would people think???

The way things worked out, her refill from the pharmacy in Saskatoon took a week to get into my hands (far longer than it ever should have). This left us without medication for 3+ days and a new baby. Another one for the gratitude journal tonight. Thanks again for helping out with that one there God … you’re really something sometimes ❤️

This mama needed a new baby.

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