Transition Day

I am considering today “transition day” in our home (despite marking this day on my calendar on April 1st … yes, 22 days “late”) … I believe that spring has FINALLY sprung (even though it is only +6 today and there is still snow on the ground). I see hope in our future with high teens (and even a +21) by the end of the week. Let’s just say, winter was LONG this year (every year really)!  To say I was excited to put away our snowsuits this morning would be an understatement! They have been successfully quarantined to a bin in the basement, and they WILL NOT be resurrected until late August (or maybe early September) to determine what needs to be purchased for the upcoming winter.

A bucket of summer clothes … shorts, capris, dresses, and ankle socks made its way back upstairs … we sorted through our items with excitement. Shorts and capris will make their way into our drawers and we will have choice! Summer dresses will be hung in our closets ready for warm, sunny days! Summer hats have replaced toques, heavy mitts, neck warmers, and balaclavas in our baskets by the door! Winter boots will make their way down to the storage room soon, and running shoes, flip flops, and crocs will take their place! No more long productions to get out the door! Flip flops and a hat and we’re off! Our loads will be lighter and much more time will be spent outside where the air is fresh!

Snowmobiles will soon be tarped and put in the shed. Snowmobile helmets can collect dust until November. Quads, side-by-sides, and gators can come out of hiding! Ball gloves, badminton rackets, bikes, and soccer balls can be dusted off and played with once again! Children will reunite with toys they parted with last fall. Shovels and sleighs? See you later, Alligators!

This time of year brings about a sense of hope … a sense of newness … a sense of excitement … especially in our part of the world where the winters are LONG and the summers are SHORT.

Have you been brave enough to pack up your winter stuff yet? Do you have a “transition day” in your house? An out with the old and in with the new kind of day??? Isn’t it exhilarating?

SpringSource: http://www.dgreetings.com/spring/spring_quotes.html


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