A Year Ago

As Little M approaches two (in just eight short days), I fondly look back at this piece written a year ago. My how these little people develop such a great deal in such a short period of time. Speaking of time, it looks like it’s time to write another one of these 🙂 I share this to inspire you to take the time to jot down those special little things that make our children who they are at a certain point in time. It’s lovely to look back on these little written treasures. Enjoy!

Little M @ One-Year Old
– you “protest” just a little when we drop you off at the babysitter’s in the morning
– you sleep twice a day
– your favourite food is probably pasta
– your favourite vegetable seems to be green beans
– you grunt and groan in your carseat … the … whole … way … to … town
– your hair gets curly when it’s humid outside
– you mostly crawl yet
– you “walk” about five to ten steps at a time (and you are proud of it); you get excited and ‘dive’ when you’re getting close to your destination
– you make “driving” sounds when you play with tractors, cars, etc.
– you can play “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear” in the car
– you point to your nose (and go “beep, beep”), ears, tongue, teeth, tummy; kick your legs
– you love “Round and Round the Garden”
– you hide balls under your shirt
– you “maneuver” your soother
– you understand lots of what we say to you
– you use some signs … more, help, please, milk, bye-bye
– you nod for “yes” and shake your head for “no”
– you put your hand on your mouth for “blowing kisses”
– you say a few words – Mom, Da, cheese, peez (please), bye, “sis”, ball, kitty
– you “light up” when you see Big M (after you’ve been apart awhile)
– you can be a bit mean (mostly to your sister) … pinch, smack, pull hair – yesterday, you were even wacking her upside the head with a golf club
– you cry when Daddy hollers “No!”
– you seem to like stealing Mommy’s glasses off her face (and then you pretend you want to play peek-a-boo)
– you like to dance – and get your arms up to do so 🙂
– you honk Daddy’s nose
– you enjoy playing with our “riding” toys
– you make a beeline for the fridge if it’s open (and the dishwasher)
– you hang on our legs if you want up
– you love your dad
– you ask for soap and you ‘wash’ in the tub (yourself and sister)
– you like when Big M blows raspberries on your belly (you’ve even done it to her a couple of times)
– you spit your food out and mash (squeeze it) 😦
– you love dip
– you love ‘balls’ … even watermelons that look like “balls”
– you love the cats
– you’ve already taken a liking to ice cream
– you like getting up into chairs
– you have six teeth (though the one to the left of your two front teeth is kinda out), which would make seven
– you giggle for Mommy (when I get my tickles just right)
– you have beautiful eyes and eyelashes

– your eyes sparkle when you smile

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