My Christmas List

As Christmas nears, one cannot help but begin developing a bit of a ‘list.’ This year, I feel especially fortunate to be off work (I can’t imagine many of these things happening whilst working full time). 

Beyond this, I also feel like Big M is at an age now (2 years, 10 months) where we can truly engage in the excitement and meaning of the season (though I still need to be mindful of her attention span). THIS is the age when our traditions (new post to come about this real soon) start! How exciting! 
So here’s my list …
– get family photos done (DONE, thanks to Shootz Photos in HB)
– write a letter to Santa 
– make and paint salt dough ornaments (1/2 DONE – this is where the attention span thing comes in:)
– use an Advent calendar to countdown number of days until Christmas
– prepare sacks of gently used toys to give away 
– purchase gifts for Angel’s Anonymous program in HB (and deliver)
– read lots of Christmas books (actually ordered a ton from the library; I plan to put them in a special Christmas gift bag that Big M gets to pick from each day)
– donate to the local Food Bank (I want to talk about this with Big M, take her shopping, then deliver the items)
– sing lots of Christmas songs
– talk to Big M about the meaning of Christmas (and why we celebrate it)
– decorate the Christmas tree and the house
– make a Gingerbread house
– make and decorate sugar cookies
– prepare gifts/cards for others (grandparents, friends, cousins, daycare ladies)
– attend Santa Day in HB
– attend Santa “evening” in PR
– watch Christmas movies
– drink hot chocolate 
– do lots of Christmas crafts
– take tons of photos

Perhaps my list is a bit ambitious … Can’t wait to get started! Let the traditions begin! 

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