Special Greetings

One of the best things EVER about being a momma is the “greetings” my children employ when they see me. 

When I greet Little M in her crib after her nap, she smiles so big, it takes over her whole face. Her arms flail and she kicks her legs. She coos, excited to see me. The same goes for when I come to get her out of her swing … she waves her arms and kicks with excitement. She grins at me, and screeches with delight.
Big M’s greetings are a little different than Little M’s, but equally satisfying. After being away for the day, when she gets home, she quickly peels off her outside clothes, and runs through the house, yelling, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” until she finds me. The same goes for when I pick her up from daycare. She is so happy to see me. She runs, squealing, and crashes into me, latching onto my leg, jumping up and down. 
While I am not sure that my descriptions of these special greetings are doing them much justice, I suspect if you’re a momma, you probably know exactly what I am talking about. It is these little mothering moments that warm my heart again and again each time they occur, dissolving all the little frustrations of the day … 
I am going to treasure these special greetings in these early years, because I suspect as my children grow older, there will be times when they are not quite so excited to see me. 

2 thoughts on “Special Greetings”

  1. I too expected these greetings to completely disappear. In my experience with my oldest son (9), he is not as enthusiastic as he once was, but non the less he is still happy to see me. I have never stopped being excited to see him…or my other children, for that matter, and in turn I, more often than not, am greeted with a hug, kiss and a big “I love you”


  2. I know I have left a long winded comment on this post already, however, I really feel I need to tell you that I thought of this post this week again! We were at the arena and hockey practice just ended. My 9 year old son walked across the not so crowded but definitely populated lobby, wrapped his arms around me and in front of his male coach and his son, waited for a kiss!!!!! While I was elated, overjoyed, almost ready to jump up and down, I found myself, for a millisecond, hesitate and think ever so briefly about what the “men” and their sons would think or even say if they saw me kiss my son in public. Then I thought “shame on you!! It's your son!! And I give him a smooch, a hug, and said “I love you buddy” with a gigantic smile on my face!! I only hope he didn't notice the slight hesitation.


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