Products I Love

So this post will be a work in progress. I will keep adding to it as I feel there are more things worth sharing. Please, please, please be sure to comment below adding to the list. This type of post is always extremely valuable to other mommies.

#1. Angel Care Baby Monitoring System (not sure if that’s the exact name)
We purchased this $150 baby monitor when we were expecting Big M. The one we have has a sensor pad for the crib (which provides a little peace of mind), the nursery unit, and the parent unit. The thing I love most about this monitor would have to be its range. We live on a 15 acre lot, and I can get pretty far from the house, and still hear if one of my little ones has woke up. You can customize the settings to suit your preferences, AND they have great customer service. Some of the lights on our parent unit were “burnt out,” so I phoned them and actually spoke to a human being! Within a couple of days, they sent out a new unit free of charge! 

#2. Evenflo Symphony 65 All-in-One Car Seat
Here’s some info stolen from the Canadian Tire website about this carseat (which we have two of that we use for Big M):

  • Symphony all-in-one rear facing car seat for infants 5 to 30 lbs
  • Can be used for forward facing with 5-point harness 22 to 65 lbs, up to 50″ (127 cm)
  • Forward facing belt positioning booster 40 to 100 lbs, 43-57″ (109 to 145 cm)
  • Features a 65 lb harness weight rating to keep children safely harnessed as they grow
  • Side impact tested for accidents involving side crashes
  • SureLATCH® connectors. Just click, click and push for a fast and snug installation in less than 60 seconds
  • Infinite Slide Harness™ simply slides for an accurate fit every time
  • ReclineRight™ upfront multiple-position recline for child’s comfort while awake or asleep
  • Flip-out cup holder conveniently holds drinks, or folds down out of sight
The main reason I love this carseat so much is the SureLATCHconnectors. These hook into your vehicle’s mounting system and tighten with just a push down on the seat. One doesn’t realize how convenient this is until you try to latch in carseats that do not have these on them (which I have experienced a few times). The regular price of this carseat is about $250, but I would discourage you from paying that. This carseat is on sale quite frequently at Canadian Tire. You could probably get it for $150 – $175.

#3. International Delight’s Iced Coffee Beverage
If you’re looking for a little something special, this beverage might just bethe perfect treat for you. I tried it thinking it might be a bit too sweet (as these sorts of things often are), but I thought it was just right … a nice coffee taste (and a little shot of caffiene) with a sweet vanilla twist. Delicious served over ice.

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