Love Mommy

So I recently decided to set up email accounts for Big M and Little M. I have been searching for a meaningful way of chronicling some of our daily activities. But more importantly, I want to start taking the time to stop and think deeply about the people my girls are becoming at varying ages. I hope to send them a note every few days. 

Here’s a recent email I sent to Big M …

Hi Mackenzie,
It’s 6:37 a.m. Your little sis woke me up at 5:23 and wouldn’t go back to sleep 😦 Today, I want to tell you a little about you …
– you humour me on a daily basis with some of the things that you say (recent expressions: goose pile; good times, good times; fantastico)
– you have recently developed a love for movies – so far your favourite is definitely Bambi; Land Before Time might be a close second for you
– many times you have asked me, “But what can I watch?” Beyond movies, cartoons are also good, or “bideos” on mommy’s phone.
– you are becoming more and more independent – you go to the fridge to get your own milk, you can dress yourself, and you can put socks on (and shoes)
– you like to “go somewhere” (Papa & Grandma’s, the farm, play group, play dates, etc.)
– you are an excellent traveller
– once we get to our destination, within a few moments you’re “ready to go”
– you are generally polite (sometimes you need a gentle reminder to use your manners)
– you like when people come to our house
– you love baking (muffins and cookies, especially)
– you love to be outside (swinging is probably one of your favourite things) – yesterday, you spent most of the day outside with Mommy and Daddy as we worked on our Fall cleanup
– you are fully potty trained (and have been for quite awhile), but you still tend to poop in your pull-up after nap on occasion – I wouldn’t call it an accident 😦
– recently, you’ve taken a greater interest in colouring
– you love making crafts
– you love spending time with people 
– you throw fits at times 
– you need your rest
– you seem to like routine
– you are still going to daycare about two times per week
– whenever Mommy gives you heck, you ask for your Daddy
– in the car, we get a lot of “What’s that song called?”
– you like to look at pictures (of yourself)
– you are taking more and more interest in your sister
– you LOVE reading books
Well … you’re awake. I know there is so much more to tell. I hope to write again soon.
Love Mommy

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