Red Stamp

So it’s your husband’s grandma’s 98th birthday on Saturday. It’s Wednesday. There is no way a snail mail card is going to make it on time. What to do? What to do? 

Well when this happened to me recently, I quickly created a personalized card (with photos of the kids) and emailed it to a relative who lives close to Grandma. She was kind enough to print and deliver. So what genius app allows one to do such great things? Red Stamp.
I have used this free app countless times since I downloaded it a few months ago. In September alone, I created cards for my husband’s grandmother (as mentioned), my father-in-law, my brother, my niece, my sister, my husband’s aunt, and my sister-in-law. 
These cards can be sent via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, or even snail mail (for a small fee). There are many card themes … from birthday to sympathy to get well soon and thank you. You can tweak the colours and personalize your message. You can use photos that are already on your phone or take new ones on the spot. It’s entirely up to you. 
Best of all, it takes just a few moments of your time to make something really personal and meaningful to someone else. Sometimes that’s all we have as moms … a few moments. 
Now go, take a few moments, and get downloading this great app! Happy card making!

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