Free Shipping

Body wash, socks, laundry soap, toilet paper, pull ups, rice cereal … these are just a few of the items I recently ordered online from Walmart.ca. They arrived at my post office about two weeks after ordering. Convenient? You bet. A little long to get here, yes. BUT the shipping was free. You heard me … free! In case you missed it … the shipping was free! Free shipping? Yes, the shipping was free.
Since my original order a month or so, I have placed a few more orders. Anytime I think of something I might need … cat food, shampoo, gummy vitamins, storage containers, coat hooks … I just check to see if it’s available through Walmart. Not everything I need is, but a lot of things are. 
If you live in the sticks like me, I encourage you to check out this service. Just plan ahead, because orders take awhile to get here. And in case you missed it, the shipping is free 🙂

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