A Toast to Pinterest

Pipe cleaner animals, bubble stations, tin foil rivers, clothespin stegosauruses, 50 awesome flavoured water ideas, skinny monkey cookies, no-sew sleeping bags, Feed the Penguin! games for kids, DIY baby shoes, marshmallow shooters, instant Mac ‘N Cheese … these are just a few of my 1,119 Pinterest pins (and my collection builds). Introduced to pinterest about a year ago by a colleague of mine, I confess, “I’m hooked.” 

Pinterest is an online “service that allows members to ‘pin’ images, videos, and other objects to their [own personal] pinboard.” It is an incredible “tool for collecting and organizing things I [or you] love.”

Reasons I Love Pinterest:
Perk #1: Pinterest has several search options …
Pinterest users can BROWSE categories, some of which include: Popular, Everything, Animals, Architecture, Quotes, Design, Food & Drink, Travel, Technology, and, of course, some of my personal favorites: DIY & Crafts, Kids, Education, and Home Decor. They (users) can FOLLOW other pinners to see what they’re pinning. OR they (users) can SEARCH for specific things, like “toddlers,” “Easter,” “must-read books,” or “organizing craft supplies,” and scads of pins will show up.

Perk #2: Pinterest is extremely user-friendly …
Whether you are BROWSING, FOLLOWING, or SEARCHING for something specific, your “results” show up as “pins.” “Pins,” which basically include a picture or image with a brief description, can be clicked on for “repinning” to your own pinboard OR you can click on them to go to the website in which more information can be found about that particular thing.

Perk #3: Pinterest caters to individuals …
The most appealing thing (for me) about Pinterest is how “personal” it becomes. As you may know, I am a mother, I am a teacher, and I am a homemaker. My pins are related to these things: activities to do with my daughter, Big M; decorating a nursery; punctuation lessons for my English students; graduation quotes; organizing my home; sore throat remedies; traveling with kids; and recipes the whole family will enjoy … to name a few. Your pinboards will match your life, just as my pins match mine.

There is truly something for everyone on Pinterest. Pinterest has brought a certain richness back to my life, rekindling my crafty and creative side, catering to my urge to learn new things, and, overall, helping me to be a better mommy to my daughters, Big M and Little M.

To Pinterest!

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