No Pressure Play Dates

Living close to the middle of nowhere and being on maternity leave, makes for some long and sometimes dull days. Thankfully, a couple of other mommies from my neighbourhood and myself started weekly “play dates.” Our children range in ages from three months to five years. We alternate who hosts each week. The kids play, we have an easy snack, and the mommies visit a little, usually over a coffee … nothing complicated, nothing overly organized. When it appears the kids have had enough, we head home. And … because we’re so close, it only takes a few minutes to get there.

In just one short month of starting this weekly get-together, we’ve already built so many memories … poopy pants x 2, pee on the carpet, two little boys in a chop bin, sheep on the loose, and a vanishing baby … just to mention a few.

While I do enjoy getting together with some of the mommies in my neighbouring community, by the time we pack up and drive there, we’ve wasted half of our morning. Then, there’s always that pressure to get back home before lunch (without having anyone fall asleep), so we can have a good solid afternoon nap. We all know how disastrous it can be to have an under-rested toddler! Makes for a long and unpleasant day!

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