My Secret Pleasure

When duty calls around the house (i.e. washing dishes, folding laundry, or sweeping floors), and the girls are resting or otherwise occupied, I have started “escaping,” loading up a MommyBeta podcast.

Awhile back, I felt the urge to learn, to be stimulated in some way, to find some sort of connection between my life out here in the sticks and the world out there. Though I love to read (especially nonfiction), I had been finding it more and more difficult to etch out time to do so. I needed an equally stimulating alternative … listening. I could still accomplish something, so I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about this newly discovered secret pleasure!

A simple “parenting” search, quickly led me to MommyBeta. And what a find! On their podcasts and their website, www.mommybeta.com, they describe themselves as “four new mommies betatesting parenthood.” I find their podcasts particularly interesting because they all have young children like I do. Their topics are things I can easily connect with … potty training, discipline methods, post-partum depression, breastfeeding, preparing your own baby food, Daddies, post-pregnancy bodies … to name a few. Many things they discuss have been “in the news” or are linked to some of the reading and research they are currently conducting (something I yearn to do again someday soon).

I truly love the intellectual stimulation that these four mommies bring to my life! I strongly encourage you to check out these podcasts, and if you do have time to read, there are tons of interesting posts on their website (that I would love to emulate one day).

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